Thursday, October 15, 2009

In the Meantime

While I try and get all our photos edited and ready to post from our Mexico cruise, I figured I'd give you something to look at in the meantime. Right after we got to Utah we had a three-way birthday party for two of my sisters and my niece. I volunteered to make the cake. And as usual, things just didn't go well. So if you can ignore the tendency to lean that this cake has, I will show you the photos.

Each birthday girl got their own tier. I made little pictures of things that remind me of all of them to put on each layer.

My big sister got a Guitar Hero guitar, a cooking pot and spoon, a stack of books, and a bird (she likes to birdwatch).

My littlest sister got her dog Toby (who looks like he's wearing a tux, but it was just his white fur belly), a skull and crossbones, and a microphone and note. She's into karaoke and sings at people's weddings and such.

And my cute little teeny bopper niece got an iPod Nano with the Twilight logo on it with a set of headphones.

So it was all a little wild and crazy, but the chocolate cake I made for two of the layers was the best chocolate cake I've made so far. It was divine.

And even though we were only gone on our cruise for a week, I swear the kids had grown while we were gone. Here's a couple pics of them and some drawings they had done before we left.


And Hyde. They're a couple of crazies, I tell 'ya.

So anyway, sometime in the probably not so near future I'll have all sorts of vacation pictures to show you. Don't hold your breath, though.


Andrea said...

Those two crazies are getting so BIG! And I was cracking up with that last picture. How did Alex get his head like that!! LOL!!!

Awesome cake! Very impressive Ipod!

Amy said...

You are always so hard on yourself - the cake looks fabulous. Your sisters and niece are so lucky to have you close by and love them enough to put that much time into something that will just disappear so quickly.

Brandon said...

Yea. Those cakes look disgusting... disgustingly AMAZING!!! And your kids hair are sooo blonde!