Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Train Museum

A couple weeks ago we went to the train museum here in town, and I never got around to posting about it. So since we haven't done anything terribly exciting in the last few days, I figured I'd do a bit of catch-up.

The train museum is in a little out-of-the-way place where you would never run into it by accident. It used to be the train station for the town. There are all sorts of real train cars all over that you can go into and climb on, as well as a museum and model train set.

Anton and Alex thought the trains were really cool. While Ella, well, she was pulling a bit of an attitude. She actually ended up throwing a temper tantrum on an ant hill and got bit a bunch of times. I have to admit I didn't have much sympathy. But back to the trains.

They had a caboose, a dining car, and regular cars that you could play in.

You can actually rent the dining car to have events in.

Daddy and Alex going for a "ride."

Since the museum is right by the real railroad track, we were lucky enough to see a real train going by.

Alex was ecstatic. Ella just complained about it being loud.

Then came the highlight of the visit. They have a little kid-sized train that they give rides on.

A mom's group had actually reserved it for the morning, but they let us bust our way in too.

The kids loved it.

Alex wouldn't get off when the ride was over.

Ella was starting to perk up by this time.

She found this baggage cart and decided it looked like a good place to dance a jig. What a goof.

We also checked out the museum where they had all sorts of old railroad paraphernalia. I really liked the old signs.

I have a bit of a sign fetish. Did you know I have a full collection of street signs? They are all legally obtained, maybe.

There was also an old phone booth, which used to be the only phone in town. Alex sat in there and "talked" on the phone forever.

He just says, "Hello. Hello. Hello." Over and over again. Such a cutie.

"Mommy, I love trains!!"

I also took a bunch of for fun shots while we were there. I have a new camera lens to test out, of course. Here are a couple I like.

I call this one flowers and tracks.

And this one is Photoshop frenzy. The trains were all rusty and falling apart and it made for some fun pictures. But I didn't feel like posting them all, so those 2 will have to do.

You'll be seeing more train museum in the week to come since my sister and her kids are coming to visit. We will be visiting all the cool local attractions, and this one is on the list. So there will be lots of pictures forthcoming. Just you wait!!


Harmony said...

I am totally drooling over here! I've wanted to find train tracks to take pictures on forever (apparently they don't just let you wander around them on your own) There's some historic railroad somewhere on the island, but I've yet to find it.

You did such a great job with the angles on the train tracks--I'm freaking out!

I LOVE the news lens! Is the flower one taken with the 50mm? How do you like them?

Hey you collect signs too? Legally? I have tons of "legal" signs in my garage. Yep. Totally "legal".

(hello, my name is Harmony I write novels disguised as comments)

Andrea said...

LOL, harmony is so funny!!

I can not wait to come to visit!! I can't wait to see the train museum!! I can't wait to just come and visit!!! Love those last two pictures!!

The Bays said...

I'm having a little deja vu, we went to an old train yard a few weeks ago too! I've been slacking with posting as of late but my pics will be on soon. It looks like your trains were much newer than ours. It looks like you had lots of fun!

HandMade Goods said...

awesome shots. the last one has amazing colors. very cool!