Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birmingham Road Trip, Part 3 of 3

The Xterra 21K trail run at Oak Mountain State Park. This was the ultimate goal of our long drive to Birmingham. Anton had never done a trail run before, and since he is training for a 50 mile one in July, he figured he better try one out. This one was only 13 miles. Just a walk in the park for Anton.

Here's the crazy running fool all ready to go. I don't know how someone can get so excited about running 12 miles in 90 degree weather. It's beyond me.

But he pinned on his number,

and lined up at the starting line. I tried to explain to him the necessity of running on the side of the trail where I was standing, but he just didn't get it.

So some random stranger gets to be the highlight of Anton's starting picture. Oh well.

And he's off!! I wasn't able to get pictures of him out on the trails because, well, I had two kids and a stroller with me and it just wasn't happening. But at the halfway mark they resurfaced on the street for a moment. I did manage to snap some pictures then.

They gave everyone a really pretty blue bracelet to show that they had finished the first lap.

Here he is at the halfway point. Look at those crazy huge leg muscles!!! Also note that he is completely soaking wet. Just a little hot and sweaty.

Run, Anton, run!!

While Anton was off doing his thing, the kids got to play on a little obstacle course.

They swung on bars.

Climbed across ropes.

And scaled large towers. Both Ella and Alex scampered right up and over this this multiple times. The second time in two days my kids have surprised me with their abilities.

They also got to run their own little mini-race. Ella won in a last second surge at the finish line.

Alex carried up the rear. They had a lot of fun. Then it was time to go cheer daddy on at the finish line.

Here he comes. He looks much better than he did at the last race.

He looks like he's giving up, but really he has his hands in the air celebrating his finish. Hooray Anton!!! He did really good.

I don't know if you can read that, but it says he came in 18th out of 80 people with a time of 1:58:43. That's my crazy fast husband for you. He did great.

After a little post-race refreshments:

And some time in the water tent:

(There was water spraying down from the ceiling.) we headed over for a refreshing dip in the lake.

Actually, only daddy and the kids did. I was too hot and tired to bother changing into my swim suit.

But the kids had fun.

Hi Mommy!! Then five minutes later Alex tripped and fell and cut his hand on a rock. The fun ended there. With blood oozing everywhere, we headed back to the car. I wasn't too sad. I was hot and tired and ready to go. But we did wish we could have stayed in the park and played more. It was really beautiful there.

In fact, all of Birmingham was absolutely beautiful. We never expected that. We were actually sad to come back to this drab part of the world. If I had to choose between living where we are now and living in Birmingham, Birmingham wins hands down.

But other than the heat, we had a great time on our little trip.


Lucy said...

This is bringing me back to my race in Monterey, I have to do another one!! I LOVE trail running, Co Springs, is amazing for it! Way to go, Anton!

Chapman Family said...

13 miles?? That's it??! The wimp. :) jk. hoo hah. way to go brotha!

P.S. I don't see too many pics of you lately... teach Anton to use the camera will ya? :)

J.R. said...

I don't know what impresses me more, Anton's enormous calves or Amanda's prolific blogging. That was one amazing blog! I bet you needed to stand under the water tent when you were done.

Harmony said...

Anton's crazy.

It seems like in these trips he runs the race and then does some other activity afterwards.

After running....I die.

Go Anton!

The Bays said...

What a great trip, it looks like so much fun! Also kudos to Anton for a long race in crazy hot weather. Love your pics!

Hadlock Hideaway said...

Hey Amanda, I got your blog off of the Westlake sight.. hope that you don't mind! That looks like a really fun trip! Your kids are so cute! I love the pictures!