Thursday, December 6, 2007

The First Christmas Gift

For some time now my pajama pants have been getting frailer and frailer. They've led a long and productive life, but their time was drawing to a close. One day they got a small tear in them. Slowly over the next few days the tear kept growing larger and larger until this was the result:

Oh, poor pajamas! You have been so good to me. But the time had come for a replacement of the pajamas.

Now, having been on the phone with my sister while she was shopping for my Christmas gift, I happened to know what it was. So I called and asked her permission to open it early. Permission was granted and Christmas was officially begun.

I carefully slit the tape and peeled back the paper to reveal the cutest pair of white flannel pajama pants that a girl could ever have.

(Anton tried to take a picture of me changing into them but I threatened him. He changed his mind.) See how cute they are with snowflakes? And they also have a silver pinstripe to them. And the pink ribbon draw string is fabulous.

So thank you Andrea for my first Christmas gift of the year! They are wonderful! And now you might be asking yourself, whatever happened to the trusty old jammies? Well, they went the way of all the world.


Andrea said...

You look fabulous!! I love them!! They get more comfy with wear!! Love those pictures!!

Harmony said...

WHAT? You are IN three out of four pictures on your post. It's like I don't even know you any more. Those do look like some comfy jammies though--mine all have holes in way worse places! :-)

Squatly said...

i hate throwing away old pj's. they get so comfy! but maybe for spring break, if i don't have too much homework! but that would be nice! when would you guys be able to come out here?

Emily said...

Very cute!

Lucy said...

Fun story, aaagh, I love new pj's.