Saturday, December 29, 2007

Arrival of the In-Laws

Well, they are here. After traveling all day Christmas day and spending the night in a hotel, they finally made it to our house. They hadn't been here more than 5 minutes before they were already busting out gifts. Ella and Alex got the cutest jammies and blankets made by Grandma and Aunt Sarah respectively:

I love the colors on them:

Anton and I got gift cards and money, the always appreciated gift:

Anton got his dad a hat with the name of the ship that he served on when he was in the Navy:

He's worn it everywhere and I wouldn't be surprised to find him sleeping in it. He really likes it. We got Anton's mom a light to use when quilting:

She really likes quilting so hopefully it will get good use.

The next day we took Grandma and Grandpa to the Aviation Museum. They had never been before, but since we have been a million times I'll will spare you all the airplane pictures all over again and show you only two:

G&G enjoying the displays.

And Ella and Alex playing with the toys. Ella threw quite the fit when we made her leave. I'm sure people thought I was kidnapping her the way she was screaming "DADDY!!" Over and over again. Oh well.

Anton has a cousin that lives near here and he works at one of the local beach resorts. He hooked us up with a room last night so we could go and enjoy the beach close-up. It was a posh place. It had a full kitchen:

We got our own room:

And it had a fabulous view, though at night all you could see was the pools:

Ella didn't really care that we were staying in the lap of luxury. She would much rather have spent all her time playing with her new LeapPad:

At least I know she likes her present. But we did manage to drag her away for some hotel exploring. It's a tradition I have, that whenever I'm staying in a nice hotel I have to go wander all over it, from top to bottom. Sadly, since these are actually condos and not a real hotel there wasn't as much to see. But we did wander around the pools:

And out onto the beach, where since it was dark there wasn't too much to see. But I used my camera to light things up a bit.

Once we got the kids in bed, we left G-ma to make sure they didn't die in their sleep and Anton and I went and sat in the hot tub and swam in the pool. It was so nice. Then finally we headed in the general bed direction ourselves.

Oh yeah, and we had dinner earlier in the evening at this BBQ place that was so deliciously fabulous that I ate myself almost sick. It was sooooo good.

Tomorrow I will continue with the trip adventures, and I will leave you to ponder what kind of day could involve both beach and ice. Because that's the kind of day we had.

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