Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ella's Hair! (And a Rennaisance Faire)

So today we went to the Northern California Rennaisance Faire.  Every time we go to one of these Ella begs to have her hair done by the braid artists.  So to head that off, this time I did her hair before we went.  I asked her what she wanted, and she said a flower braid.  So that's what I did.

I am insanely proud of this.  I made it up all by myself.  It has petals, a stem, leaves, even roots!!

And butterflies nesting in the flower.  I kept looking at her hair all day long because I couldn't believe I had managed something so cool!

Plus she's just pretty darn cute!

After that major accomplishment on my part, the Rennaisance Faire seemed like a footnote.  :)  But we did have fun.

Ella was so excited to see a princess, and all the people in costume did not disappoint.  She didn't care whether they were dressed as a wench or a queen, they were all princesses to her.  (Though I have to say, Ren Fairs seem to be just the excuse all the trashy women are looking for to bare all.  Sheesh!)

We watched the horseman skills competition thing.

Where Ella was super excited to get to see the Queen.

We thought was going to be jousting.

We were bummed that that's not what it was.  (And Alex is bummed because he wanted to go to a local carnival and ride the rides, not a silly Ren Fair.)

But he's got to put up with his nerdy family that loves this stuff!!

We did try and go see the real jousting later, but even with the kids up on Anton's shoulders, none of us could see a thing.  Oh well.

We went to a bunch of different shows, comedy, magic, etc., and wandered around looking at all the different stalls and booths.

The kids played with toys.

And Alex let these nasty meal worms(?) crawl all over him.  He's not afraid of anything. (Though his face would say otherwise.)

We've come to the conclusion that unless you have lots of money to blow, you just can't have as much fun at a fair.  We had to tell the kids "no" a million times to all the fun stuff we really wanted to let them do.  Maybe after the next pay raise.

And since Anton is a huge sucker to our kids' pouting, after we got home and had dinner, he took them over to the local carnival so Alex could ride the roller coaster.

I stayed home.  I was all faired out.

But the kids loved it, and was the perfect end of the day for them.  Hooray for fairs!!


Amy said...

Wow - that hair is awesome. I'm impressed that you came up with it yourself too. Mom's are amazing!

I agree that it's hard to tell your kids no over and over. I got so tired of telling Josh no to all the rides at our state fair. But I held out - and he survived anyway :)

Linds said...

All I have to say is...WOW! That hair is impressive!!! I'm of the same opinion of Ren Fairs, women dressed trashy and a money pit. I can't believe Alex let those crawl on him! My kids would never do that. We saw a girl pick up a little cockroach and let it crawl on her arm. Lana stared wide-eyed then whispered to me about it. Yeah, it's kinda gross.