Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School!

School started really late here, it seems, compared to everyone else, but it finally did start!  Ella is now in second grade, and Alex started Kindergarten.  Both my kids are now in school!  They grow up so fast.

Alex was up and dressed by the time I got out of the shower this morning.  He wore his backpack all through breakfast, which he would hardly touch because he was so excited.  Ella was just cool with it all.  After all, she is a veteran at this.

We live in walking distance to the school, so I will definitely be getting my exercise this year.  I get to walk back and forth three times a day.

Alex had his orientation yesterday, so after forcing a hug and kiss from him he was off.  He hardly gave me a backward glance.

Ella hadn't gotten to meet her teacher yet, but everyone says she's a great one.

Ella was a little shy waiting in line, but when it was time to go in, she marched right in and was right at home.

The verdict at the end of the first day:  Alex couldn't really tell me anything he did, but he seemed to have fun. Ella was in high heaven.  She made "four new friends," and already has a playdate on Friday with the set of twins that are in her class.  All the parents I met were super nice, and the PTA people seem to have it all together.  I think this is going to be a really good year, and hopefully the first one we won't have to move in the middle of!


Amy said...

Yahoo! We love that school has started too.

Linds said...

Yea to a great start! I hope it continues!