Friday, April 9, 2010

WANTED: Fun penpal to play the Letter Game with me!

I just finished reading the book Sorcery & Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot.  It was written by two ladies who played the Letter Game and decided to publish it into a book.  And what is the Letter Game?   This is what it says on Wikipedia:

"letter game involves the exchange of written letters, or e-mails, between two or more participants. The first player writes a letter in the voice of a newly created character; in this first letter, the writer should establish her own identity and that of her correspondent, should set the scene, and should explain why she and her correspondent must communicate in written fashion. In subsequent letters, plot and character can be developed, but the writers should not talk about plot outside of the letters and the characters should never meet."

After reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, I really wanted someone to write letters to.  Not just emails or the occasional blog post, but real through the mail on paper letters.  But I couldn't think of anything worth writing about.  My life is really not that exciting and there wasn't anyone I could think of who cared to hear about my day to day activities who doesn't already read my blog.

But after reading Sorcery & Cecelia, I realized I could pretend to be someone else and then I would have all sorts of things to write about!!  My sister says this sounds weird, but I think it sounds like tons of fun!  So, do any of you want to start a letter game with me?  I can't guarantee that I have any sort of creative imagination to make this any fun, but I'm willing to try.  If multiple people wanted to play, we could make up different characters, I'm just not sure how that would work.  I was thinking I would start a new blog to post the letters on so others could read along.  Any takers?  Please?  I think getting mail and writing a story at the same time would be so fun!  If you want to play, make sure you leave your email in the comments so we can swap addresses.  


Linds said...

I think that sounds really cool, personally. I love to write. I too can't guarantee originality, but I think it would be fun/ interesting to try out. So my email is butlin81 Great idea, Amanda! :-)

Brandon said...

Sounds cool! Can you just publish yours so I can read it? :)

Chapman Family said...

That was Monique .. blah.

Sarah Winder said...

I need some adventure in my life.