Monday, March 8, 2010

Let them eat cake!

I'm behind on my cake blogging.  I have four cakes I haven't blogged about!  So let's get to it.

First, back in January we celebrated my oldest sister's and my borther-in-law's birthdays.  My sis is a HUGE Twilight fan, so even though she requested a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, I still decorated it.

She got the Cullen crest.  It's cut out of candy clay.  It was somewhat difficult to cut out all those little pieces, but I think it turned out pretty good.

Next up was my bro-in-law.  He's a fan of all things sci-fi/fantasy.

So stormtrooper it is.  That was one giant piece of marshmallow fondant.  He looked a bit like he ran face first into a wall before landing on the cake, but at least you can tell what it is, right?  His was a Darn Good Chocolate Cake with chocolate ganache icing.  VERY rich, and yummy.

Then in February we celebrated my Dad's birthday.  He had proposed a fun cake idea to me previously, so I wanted to try it out on him.

You cut a regular cake on an angle and then flip it up on itself to form a slope.  And since he's so "old," I had to write an appropriate down the hill statement on it.  He's way past over the hill.  He's going down the back side.  :)  The cake was a chocolate mint one with chocolate mint frosting.  It's an old Pillsbury recipe that doesn't work well in this altitude so I had to tweak it.  It was better than previous years, but still needs some work.  The frosting was hard to spread too, so the cake looked really rough.  But it was tasty.

And then yesterday we celebrated two of my nieces' birthdays.  Since one was having a horse birthday and one a Dora birthday, I decided not to try and meld those two together.  I went generic girly instead.

But for this cake I tried something new.  I messed with the inside of the cake.  It was a rainbow cake in all aspects.

How fun is that?!?  It was a white cake that I dyed six different colors, then you put spoonfuls of each color in the middle of the pan over and over and it pushes the other colors out to form a rainbow!  You can also do this with chocolate and white cake to make a zebra cake, which is the original form of this cake.  I love it and will probably do this more often to make the inside of the cake match the outside.  Plus I messed with this recipe too and it came out better than it ever has.  Yum.

So there you have it.  There will be another cake at the end of this month for Anton, then after that I think there will be a break until June??  I don't keep the best track of family birthdays, so I'm sure one will pop up to surprise me.  Go eat some cake!


Amy said...

I don't normally like cake as a dessert (I prefer richer, thicker things like brownies), but I am really craving any one of those delicious looking cakes right now! They look fabulous - we particularly like the storm trooper one - Aaron still likes Star Wars a lot.

Andrea said...

Those are awesome!!! I love the crazy colors of the girls' cake!! Super cool!! I will have to try that!!! I am making a cake this week!!

MeLinda said...

The cakes look great, you really have a gift.

Cherish said...

I think that's the most awesome cake batter I've ever seen!

Julene said...

Yes you have quite the talent. The cake is the first thing my kids ask about when it's their bday. Great job!

David and Jacquee said...

Those cakes look awesome! I am so jealous that you are so talented. Pretty sweet kids cake :)

A.Lee said...

I love those cakes! You are amazing!