Thursday, January 21, 2010

Super Deluxe Weekend of Magnificence

Since I got so jealous reading about everyone's Weekend of Awesome, I dug out the frequent flier miles and dusted off the travel agent skills and planned the:


Next weekend, my sister and I will be travelling on this cruise ship:

And spending a day getting pampered with all we can eat and drink and basking in the sun on this beach:

We will party each night away at the dance clubs and sing very loudly at karaoke.  Copious amounts of food will be ingested.  My sister swears she will exercise each day (sure).  Many, many books will be read.  Lots of girlie conversation will be had.

And you know what?  I will no longer feel one bit envious of those of you who spent a weekend on a cold beach in North Carolina.  And I'll be sure to post lots of pictures when I get back so you can all be envious of me.


Brandi said...

I'm already jealous of your cruise!

And you should definitely come join us on the cold beach next year.

Cassie said...

Ooooh! Can I come? hehe

Have fun! You deserve it!

Marianne said...

1. Please do join us Amanda. I miss you!

2. The beach wasn't all that cold.

3. It was still 'the beach'.

4. We were at a beach.

5. Come next year. OK?

Amy said...

I am ready for a get away too. All this nasty inversion, cold weather and snow is not my thing. I told my family I need a trip to Singapore, or even TX right NOW - today! If I had the funds, I would plan one every Jan/Feb.

Andrea said...

I will work out every day! I will I will I will!! It's going to be so fun!!

Steve and Julie said... nice! I am already envious and yes I want to come!!!

Chapman Family said...

Darn. you already got two invites to NC, but we would LOVE to have you come as well... we even had to give people updates on your life, so you need to come next year so you can tell us in person. :) But you know, they had cute babies to play with...

Amy said...

I seriously thought you were joking and that this idea was just a wish, but you really did it! Wow - sometimes I wish I could be a little more spontaneous that way.