Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Money

I love free money. How about you? I just found a company called Swagbucks that lets you earn points for doing your regular internet searching and you can then redeem those points for money, like Amazon gift cards. Since I search the internet all the time, I figured why not get something for it? Their search engine uses Google and so the results aren't any different than I was getting before. I've been a member for 3 days and have 16 points so far for doing nothing but search the internet.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to sign up and help me earn more! If I get friends to sign up then I get points when they get points. So you should all sign up, then get your friends to sign up, and then we can all buy our Christmas gifts for free this year with all of our free Amazon gift cards! Sound like a plan? Good. So go here, and sign up and start searching! Thanks for helping me help you help me get free money!



Life as a Greenstreet said...

I'd be interested in how it goes for you...maybe I'll join you! I love free money too.

Andrea said...

Really? Free Money? I don't believe it!! I will have to check it out!

Julene said...

Where are you?????