Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bad Boy

Alex was not on my happy list today. I got up to find my entire salt shaker emptied on the kitchen table. Not to long after that he emptied an entire large bottle of bath soap all over the bathroom floor and tub. I made him take a bath in all that soap. There were a lot of bubbles.

Then the icing on the cake, literally. We caught him eating my blue food coloring. When we showed him what he looked like in the mirror he started to cry.

Though I think he might have been more upset that he got caught and was having to wash it off than he was at how silly he looked. And once he saw the camera all the tears were gone.

Cheese! After that I made Anton take the kids away and let me breathe for a bit. I have the best husband ever, and a son that makes me wonder sometimes.

Another fun story about Alex: We tried turning his crib into a day bed be he kept getting up at night. So we ended up pushing it up against the wall so he can't escape. Well, he's learned that if he wedges his legs in the crack between the bed and the wall he can push it away and get out. We've smartened up to his methods and have now wedged the rocker up against the bed so he can't push it out. But this doesn't stop him from trying. And the other day he must have tried until it plum wore him out.

I can't imagine the tingling feeling he must have had in his legs when he woke up. What a goof.

But even though days like today can completely drive me insane, I still think he's got to be one of the cutest little boys in the whole world.


Andrea said...

What a fun day! At least Alex had fun. I love his blue mouth. He is just too cute. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Emily said...

I agree that he is one of the cutest boys in the whole world. I miss him and Ella! I found the pictures they drew me recently and it made me happy. Give them big hugs for me and tell them I say hello.

Lucy said...

Aaaagh Yes. Love these days. If you don't laugh you cry. :) And see how fun it was for us to read on y our blog!

Jenn said...

Aww, he is so cute! I love the last picture ,I have some like that too,where they just fell asleep in the middle of their efforts to be bad!

Harmony said...

Hilarious! Hopefully this didn't all happen while you were saving my blogging butt! Thanks again woman! You ROCK!

marianne said...

Kids are so crazy. It's not fair that even though they are being rotten, they somehow find a way to be cute and melt away the frustration.

Hadlock Hideaway said...

Sorry to admit, but this makes me feel a little better to know that I am not the only one with a crazy boy. Thanks for sharing.. I laughed so hard. You have a really cute boy on your hands.